Bad credit is an obstacle that many people face. One honest mistake, a bad year or a nasty divorce can leave you with the stormy clouds of poor credit hanging above your head. It’s hard to shake off and it can cause problems, for example being turned away from a mobile phone contract.

A mobile phone contract is a modern day necessity and no one should be turned away. We stand by this and offer a service so anyone, no matter how bad their credit score may be, can find the contract that serves their needs.

You’re able to choose the contract that you want. You simply need to let us know the minutes you’d like, how many texts per month you’d like and the data allowance per month that you’d like—we’ll always find a contract that suits you! Mobile phone contracts are a minefield of technological terminology to those who might not be up to date. Click here for a guide to contract mobile phones, there’s also a guide to choosing the type of contract you want. It helps us if you know what you want from your contract, because we can look for the one that best matches your financial profile.

With this information we can find you a contract, but we won’t be able to guarantee it for you without more information. We will take detailed financial information from you to create a financial profile for you. We then use this financial profile to make predictions about how each mobile phone company will treat you. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that you will be able to obtain a contract with the company you would like, though we promise that we will always try!

It’s even possible for us to obtain you a free phone with your contract!

We’ll help you keep your old number too—whatever you require.

Matching you with a contract is only part of what we do. We believe that effectively managing your contract and repairing your credit score is vital to managing your life. Because of this, we don’t just offer you a contract matching service but we also give you detailed, clear and accurate information to improve your credit score!

You don’t just become another customer with Atlas Phones: you become a member of the Atlas Phone family.

Our highly trained customer service agents, picked from the brightest of applicants, are knowledgeable and polite. They find the perfect contract for you combining your credit report with detailed financial information and constantly updated insider information to get you a contract approval. We use our excellent relationships with the major mobile phone network providers to know exactly what each provider wants from an ideal customer. We then look over your financial information and credit score to find company with the ideal customer that best fits you. Matching your credit level and network needs (data, minutes, texts and so on) with the most suitable contract with the company we have selected. It doesn’t end there however; we will support you in your application by providing the network provider with the detailed financial information and a report calculated based on this regarding your ability to pay for and keep within the terms of the contract for which you’re applying. With this information and the fact that we’ve helped pick the ideal company and contract for you, we’re certain that you’ll be accepted for the contract.

Because of our detailed industry knowledge, we know enough to tell you when you’re apply for something outside your means. Our advisors are sensitive and understand that it’s not a nice experience being told that you’re most likely ineligible for something you want. However we always do our best to find the requirements you have set. Sometimes though we will have to allocate you a contract that falls short of the needs you have. This is a last resort: We’ll recommend you a series of alternatives and we will never turn you away.

The main alternatives we offer are guarantors, deposit contracts or sim only contracts.

We think in the long term at Atlas Phones. Sometimes the best thing to do is to take a contract that doesn’t quite fit what you want right now, but will improve your credit score and establish a good relationship with a network. This will ensure that you become one of that network’s valued customers—you’ll be eligible for whatever contracts you may want in the future.

It is our company’s goal to handle each customer as an individual. We provide all information and advice in a clear concise way; if there is anything that you do not understand then ask away and our agents will help you to understand your contracts or obligations. We’ll always explain things to you, especially when we think you need to readjust your sights—perhaps you need to apply for less data, a cheaper phone or you’ll need to find yourself a guarantor.

Whatever the credit score, financial history or personal circumstance we will never turn a customer away.

If you have bad credit, no credit, or have been refused a mobile phone contract for other reasons then Atlas Phones is the company that has been missing from your life. Learn more about our bad credit mobile phone offers here.

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